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Attention Coaches...
Please send Northeast District Honor Roll corrections and additions to Cary Seidman at Include your name, phone number and, of course, e-mail address. Electronically timed free relay leadoffs are fine to submit for the 50/100 freestyle.

Swimmers, divers and parents... please have your coaches send information.

Important: Swimming times from meets posted on are automatically included in the compilation of the Northeast District Honor Rolls. Coaches do not have to submit swimming times from meets posted on

The only exception is lead-off splits for relays which must be submitted by coaches for inclusion in the Northeast District Honor Rolls.

Also, all diving scores must be submitted by coaches - regardless if diving score is posted with meet results on
Attention NE Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches...
The times on this web site are NOT the same as the Cleveland Plain Dealer's. The Plain Dealer has nothing to do with this web site. This site includes Canton, Wooster, Youngstown, etc. Mistakes or addition should be directed to the e-mail address noted above.

Those of us working with are trying to keep these lists as accurate and comprehensive as possible. No one is trying to exclude anyone from being listed, so bear that in mind when you find an omission.

If a first name is not shown, please (anyone!) let us know what it is.

We're in need of diving scores from dual meet competition for both boys and girls.